Corporate History

Universal Lease Co., Ltd.

1969.12 Established for the purpose of leasing jukeboxes.
1970.7 Commenced manufacture of amusement machines.
1971.10 Changed trade name to Universal Co., Ltd.

Universal Co., Ltd.

  1973.6 Spun off Sales Division.

Universal Giken Co., Ltd.

  1975.5 Changed trade name to Universal Sales Co., Ltd.

Universal Sales Co., Ltd.

1975.9 Built new factory in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture that subsequently commenced full-scale production of various game machines.
      1979.1 Spun off Development Division.

Universal Technos Co., Ltd.

1980.3 Constructed new factory located in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture (Oyama Factory No. 2). Expanded production to include Pachislot machines for the entertainment and amusement industry.
1988.4 Procured factory in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture and commenced production of amusement machines.
1993.4 Merged
1998.4 Universal Technos Co., Ltd. absorbed Universal Sales Co., Ltd. in merger and changed trade name to ARUZE CORP. Relocated head office to Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.


1998 9 Registered shares on over-the-counter market of Japan Securities Dealers Association (JASDAQ).
1999 8 Built new factory in Yotsukaido, Chiba Prefecture (current Pachislot and Pachinko machine manufacturing site).
2000 10 Acquired shares of ARUZE USA, Inc. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
ARUZE USA, Inc. invested in Valvino Lamore, LLC.
2002 9 All capital holdings of Valvino Lamore, LLC were invested in kind to Wynn Resorts, Limited.
2004 6 Obtained gaming machine manufacturer’s license (for 2-year term).
12 Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
2005 3 Wynn Resorts, Limited and its subsidiary obtained license for casino operation in the State of Nevada.ARUZE was approved as a qualified shareholder.
4 Wynn Las Vegas opened.
2006 7 Obtained gaming machine manufacturer’s license renewable without limitation in the State of Nevada.
9 Wynn Macau opened.
2008 6 Made transition to company with committees.
8 Obtained provisional license to operate casino resort in the Philippines.
12 Encore at Wynn Las Vegas opened.
2009 11 Changed trade name to Universal Entertainment Corporation.

Universal Entertainment Corporation

2010 3 Universal Entertainment’s casino project (Manila Bay Resorts) was designated as a special economic zone.
Foreign capital restrictions on casino businesses in the Philippines were lifted for the project.
4 Encore at Wynn Macau opened.
Listed on Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ following the merger of Osaka Securities Exchange and JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
6 Made transition to company with board of auditors.
2012 1 Manila Bay Resorts Project’s groundbreaking ceremony held in Manila.
2013 7 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (standard) following the integration of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
10 Okada Museum of Art opened at Hakone.
2014 6 Okada museum of art formed sister partnership with Liu Hai Su Art Museum, a national museum of art in China.
2016 3 Established joint venture “ZEEG Co. Ltd” with Sammy Corporation.
7 The casino resort project in the Philippines was officially named OKADA MANILA®.
12 Acquired license to operate casino at OKADA MANILA®.
Commenced operation of casino.

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