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News Release10.03.2018

Distribution of "SLOTS STREET" application for iOS/Android commenced in the US, Canada and Australia

Universal Entertainment Corporation (Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Jun Fujimoto, Representative Director and President) has commenced the distribution of "SLOTS STREET," an application for the iOS and Android platforms, in the US, Canada and Australia.


"SLOTS STREET" application for iOS/Android

"SLOTS STREET" is a game that fuses the gameplay of a video slot machine together with the worlds presented in actual Universal Entertainment Pachislot machines and progressive mapping. Users can enjoy two separate video slot modes: "Casino" and "Adventure." What's more, users can share their game data by linking this application up with the "SLOTS STREET" game for Facebook *1."SLOTS STREET" application for iOS/Android
*1: The "SLOTS STREET" game for Facebook cannot be used from Japan.

■Game Overview

Compatible OS iOS/Android
Genre Casino game
Charges Basic play is free of charge (pay-per-item system)
Languages Supported English
Regions Available US/Canada/Australia

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